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Universal Matter offers one of the world’s highest quality levels of graphene to the following key market sectors: Medical technology, solar and storage, automotive, electronics and sensors and building materials. In each of these important sectors, our graphene is used to enhance, strengthen and ultimately improve product quality.

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Universal Matter Experimental Grades and associated Typical Properties – Available in both Dry Powders or Aqueous Dispersions

Universal Matter Product
(XP = Experimental Grade)
Raman I 2D/G
Mean Size
% Carbon
by XPS and TGA
Aqueous Dispersion
UM 0102XP* 1.2/17 Particle ~13nm >99% 5 g/L
UM 0202XP* 0.6/12 Particle ~17nm >99% 5 g/L
UM 0301XP* 0.7/10 Flake ~0.5μm ~95% 1 g/L
UM 0401XP* 0.5/10 Flake ~1.2μm >99% 1 g/L
UM 0501XP* Medical Grade 0.5/1.2     1 g/L

All of the above grades can also be provided in an NMP based dispersion (typically 1-5 g/L). Dispersion in other solvents may be available upon request. Commercial grades, when available, will be fully dispersed solutions.

* Samples of experimental grades available effective 2nd Quarter 2020 under mutual NDA.