Universal Matter

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading supplier of the highest quality, most economical graphene products; using a broad range of carbon materials, including biomass and recycled plastics to dramatically reduce our human footprint.

Our Solution


Graphene is a versatile carbon-based nanomaterial that is 200x Stronger than steel but can stretch up to 25% of its original length. It was discovered by physicists Sir Andre Geim and Sir Konstantin Novoselov, who were awarded The Nobel Prize in 2010 for their research.

The Universal Matter Advantage

Graphene in a Flash

Firing a flash of electricity at a carbon material produces high-quality graphene in less than one second. The short burst of electricity breaks all chemical bonds and reorders the carbon into exceptionally thin layers of turbostratic graphene. All non-carbon based impurities are flashed off and the resulting graphene product is >99% carbon. This new manufacturing process can be used on many carbon-based feedstocks, including biomass, recycled plastic and rubber, coal, petcoke and even food waste.

It is Universal Matter’s highly advanced Flash process that makes for the highest purity grades of Graphene available today.

Markets Served

Concrete Materials

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Asphalt Materials

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Medical Technology

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Polyurethane Foam

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Tire and Rubber

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